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Where do I start?–Books and Blogs

Books – Although I feel I have a solid understanding windows internals, debugging and troubleshooting techniques and using Microsoft’s windbg as my preferred debugger I need to know where and how I could start to move my learning forward with regards to reversing engineering and malware analysis.

It seems these two books seem to be good books to start with which I intend to purchase shortly.

I already own Reversing and have been using it as light reading recently and so far find it a excellent read.

Some blogs and web sites I’ve been monitoring and following

Nice post on where to start @

Great IDA pro tutorials @

Reversing labs @

Tons of past presentations on various interesting topics @

Site from the guy that runs the GREM training course for SANS –

Run by a good friend is this excellent resource for post mortem debugging and windbg @

These are the blogs and books I’m reviewing and learning from at the moment.