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Smashing the Stack – of books

Got a delivery from amazon of some Malware Analysis and IDA books and went and stacked a few of my favorite books I got over the years on top of them. Some of them have had more use than others but all excellent when called upon in time of need. Wouldn’t it just be great to have a direct upload to brain option without the reading Smile


Where do I start?–Books and Blogs

Books – Although I feel I have a solid understanding windows internals, debugging and troubleshooting techniques and using Microsoft’s windbg as my preferred debugger I need to know where and how I could start to move my learning forward with regards to reversing engineering and malware analysis.

It seems these two books seem to be good books to start with which I intend to purchase shortly.

I already own Reversing and have been using it as light reading recently and so far find it a excellent read.

Some blogs and web sites I’ve been monitoring and following

Nice post on where to start @

Great IDA pro tutorials @

Reversing labs @

Tons of past presentations on various interesting topics @

Site from the guy that runs the GREM training course for SANS –

Run by a good friend is this excellent resource for post mortem debugging and windbg @

These are the blogs and books I’m reviewing and learning from at the moment.